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Moto Razr Returns As A Moto Mod?

Last year, Moto teased the return of the iconic Moto Razr but it didn't push through. Fast forward 2017, the company had a another teaser suggesting its return. Moto Malaysia posted an image stating that "an icon returns" as a Moto Mod!
Moto Razr Returns As A Moto Mod?
The return?

Moto Malaysia also stated that they're bringing back “the iconic Moto that changed the 2000’s." Given that clue, the most iconic Moto handset that time is the Motorla Razr. It won't just be another Android phone like the DROID RAZR series in 2011 and 2012, but it'll be a new and improved Moto Mod.

To excite us further, Motorola has chosen the finalists for the “Transform the Smartphone” challenge, so this could be a reality.

However, let's hope that Lenovo's Moto isn't just toying with our emotions. Why? April 1 is also fast approaching, so there's also a good chance that it could just be an April Fools Day prank.
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