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MovieClub Is A New FREE Local Video Streaming App!

With a goal of bringing your favorite movies on mobile devices and supporting local studios and / or independent filmmakers, the MovieClub App was created.
MovieClub Is A New FREE Local Video Streaming App!
Meet MovieClub!

Anyway, MovieClub is a digital video-on-demand platform created by Filipinos for Filipinos that streams local content for FREE. As a matter of fact, no more monthly subscriptions, rentals, downloading or borrowing required.
Some of the content available
Some of the content available

It contains your favorites local movies in the past and present for your entertainment and kill boredom blues. MovieClub also enables various contributors to support the media industry and help them grow eventually.
MovieClub can serve as a vault for Filipino content, including the classics, which paved the way for today's content creators, studio libraries, film festivals, local and foreign award winners, and independent films. MovieClub will revive, restore, and digitize to showcase the history of the industry.
MovieClub also aims to provide new revenue streams and marketing opportunities to monetize, promote, and protect the local content industry. They have efforts that could eventually lead to the creation of a more sustainable local ecosystem and even target foreign audience as the app is available for download globally. The company also targets to be a viable, effective, and cost-effective substitute for traditional media and advertising. 

Apart from movies, the app is starting to add local TV series, music videos, news, and sports, as more media becomes available. All content is 100% legal and licensed from the rightful owners for a win-win situation.

To use MovieClub, all you need to do is download the app at Google Play, login your Facebook account, and select the content you want. It'll be available in Apple devices soon as well.
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