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Fujifilm X-A3: First Camera Samples

Fujifilm a company known for their long history with high quality film, optics and cameras has in recent years launched a new line of mirrorless cameras and saw success in the world market.
Fujifilm X-A3: First Camera Samples
Meet Fujifilm X-A3

Today we will be showcasing the X-A3 which is the third version of the X-A camera line that aims to be the best point and shoot camera at the PHP 35,000 price range for mass market consumption.

NOTE: The images below are as straight from camera jpegs as we could. We basically transferred the jpegs to Photoshop and saved them as PNG with some images getting a small crop. We will be uploading Flickr high resolution images soon.

Camera Samples

Beautiful bokeh plus you can get really close at 50 mm!
Beautiful bokeh plus you can get really close at 50 mm!
Fast moving objects!
Left: 15% view Right: 40% view with Sharp details!
Color Showcase!
Color range and dynamic range was the main showcase of this picture
Fast moving objects!
Vertical black and white!
Vertical black and white!
It is also a capable Monochrome camera! Look at the deep shades of gray!

So far, we are very impressed with the resolution (sharpness), color, global and micro contrast and depth rendition. We were using the kit lens XC 16 to 50 and the new XF 50 F2.0 and we found that the images' color and contrasts make them pop!

We are also loving how light and easy to carry around the X-A3 for an everyday camera and what surprised us is how capable the X-A3 is as a street camera. The image quality is great and most people don't get as intimidated as when I was using our bigger SLR and our X-T2!

The review will be published soon! So if you guys have questions, suggestions and recommendations please comment below!

We will be uploading Flickr High Resolution links in the full review too! 

Thank you and see you on the next one!
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