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PayMaya Launched Millennials Beyond The Selfie Campaign

With a goal of empowering millennials in driving the digital economy, PayMaya, a leader in digital financial services launched the Beyond the Selfie Campaign.
PayMaya, Millennials Beyond the Selfie

The said campaign aims to further inspire and empower the young generation of Filipinos to pursue their passions and to achieve goals beyond the ordinary. The “Millennials Beyond the Selfie," also seeks to deeper conversations and help debunk the stereotypes and myths surrounding this much talked-about generation.

Around the world, millennials are an emerging market force, especially in the digital economy. In the Philippines, around 35% of the country’s population belong to this generational group (based on the number of Filipinos aged 15 to 34, projected 2015 data from the Philippine Statistics Authority). It's a logical reason why the need of cultivating this generation is very important. PayMaya is helping build an important backbone of the nation.

“Millennials are often labeled as entitled, shallow, and self-centered. But we know that this is not true. They have a passionate purpose, they have creative imagination, and most of all, they are not afraid to take action and execute their aspiration no matter how niche or risky it may be in the eyes of others,” said PayMaya Philippines co-COO Benjie S. Fernandez. “Towards this end, we are committed to continuing to empower #NowNation with the help of digital innovations, especially in the area of payments and other financial services,” he added.

To support the campaign,PayMaya introduced new brand ambassadors who are redefining their generation. They are: The Phenom with a Purpose Alyssa Valdez, The Expat Community Builder Louis Faure, The Philippine eSports Champions TNC Pro Team, The Pinay Solo Backpacker Gael Hilotin, The Mural Master Jappy Agoncillo, The Artsy Mom Ava Te-Zabat, and The Online Jill of All Trades Wiji Lacsamana.

“Through the ‘Millennials Beyond the Selfie’ campaign, we endeavor to communicate that there’s more to this generation than meets the eye. They have inspiring stories to tell that can motivate others to achieve bigger goals and make a difference. We are proud at PayMaya to give them a leg up as they stand up to represent the real essence of their generation,” said Sharon Kayanan, Marketing and Brand Head at PayMaya Philippines.

PayMaya opened a one-day exhibit at the art venue, Pineapple Lab, to creatively narrate the stories of the brand ambassadors.

As a quick recap, PayMaya is also an app beyond shopping and paying online. PayMaya links millennials, especially students, young professionals, and credit card-averse users, to the digital economy by providing a means to shop and pay online even without a credit card. 

PayMaya also enables consumers to manage their finances. Since it is prepaid, users can manage their funds and spend only what is in their wallet. Details of their transactions in-app and through real-time text notifications can be monitored.

PayMaya can be also utilized by millenials as a great way to pay and get paid. It can be used for online purchases, receive payments for goods and services rendered, and llowance disbursement tool for parents.

PayMaya also comes with a physical card that can be linked to the mobile wallet. This physical card can be ordered through www.paymaya.com/shop and be used at any Bancnet ATM nationwide, and anywhere VISA and Mastercard are accepted.
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