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3 Reasons Why The Vivo V5 Lite Is Still The Best Selfie Phone In Its Class?

Selfies are important! However, not everyone can afford an expensive smartphone with good selfie capabilities. Fortunately, Vivo has that in mind when they unleashed the V5 Lite. The Vivo V5 Lite midrange worthy smartphone equipped with a LARGE 16 MP front facing camera in sub PHP 10K region.
Reasons Why The Vivo V5 Lite Is Still The Best Selfie Phone In Its Class?
Is it still the best selfie phone under PHP 10K?

As a result, the Vivo V5 Lite has taken the country by storm due to its great value for money. As a matter of fact, we even hailed this device as "the best selfie-centric smartphone in its class yet" in our full review.

Fast forward mid 2016, we still think that this handset is the best selfie-centric smartphone under PHP 10K yet. Why? Check this out.

3 reasons why the Vivo V5 Lite is the best selfie phone in its class?

1. Camera sensor - The Vivo V5 Lite is still the only locally available smartphone with HUGE 16 MP selfie sensor. Not only that, it is paired with autofocus and wide / bright f/2.0 aperture sensor for taking selfies even in lowlight.
2. Softlight flash - In case the 16 MP sensor can't handle the lowlight situation anymore, just turn on the the softlight flash. Aside from making you visible in the dark, it'll also provide you with natural looking color tones.
3. Beauty Face 6.0 - This is arguably the selfie best camera software for the price yet. Why? It has an advanced algorithm that can enhance one's skin tone to give it a naturally radiant glow. It also has adjustments for a smoother skin, face contours, and bigger eyes.

For the camera samples, please read our review and click this link now.
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