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Cloudfone Launches Lite Senior Flip Phone With S.O.S For Emergency

Cloudfone just launched the Lite Senior flip clamshell phone, a handset designed for senior citizens and peace of mind knowing that our loved ones are safe.
Cloudfone Lite Senior

Technically, the Cloudfone Lite Senior is a basic mobile phone with flip clamshell design equipped with S.O.S. emergency technology. It has a dedicated S.O.S. button behind which can send an emergency text message to 5 emergency contacts that the user has set.

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It'll also call those numbers 3 times. If no one answered those calls, the phone will automatically activate the alarm. The alarm will be like a signal that'll notify people nearby that someone is in need of help or assistance.

The rest of the missing details are unknown for now. We'll update this with the complete specs including screen size, battery capacity, and etc.

The Cloudfone Lite Senior mobile phone is now available nationwide for PHP 1,299 only.

Source: Cloudfone
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