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JBL Introduces Portable PA System EON One

Imagine a performance level PA system that is portable easy to install, can be carried with one hand and very space efficient.
JBL Introduces Portable PA System EON One

It can answer the sophisticated sound requirements of a troubadour and can accommodate the needs of a CEO in a boardroom.

American sound technology developer JBL has got all these covered with their professional line sound system, the portable and easy to install EON One.

EON One has a linear array system. With its pole and box-like built it does not take too much space.

The PA which produces crisp treble and pounding and super defined bass is designed to be used both in indoor and outdoor venues.

The beastly subwoofer is contained in a box where the powerful pole speaker goes in. 

The boxed subwoofer doubles as the carry around "crate" where the collapsible linear speaker can fit it. 

With an everything-fits-in-one-box design the PA system is convenient to carry around. It is also very easy to carry around.  

The space efficient yet powerful PA system is comes equipped with a built in 6-channel mixer with Bluetooth.  

The SRP of the PA system is PHP 58,000.
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