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PLDT DigiCon Shows Glimpse Of The "Future"

A couple of years back digital enablement,  the internet of things, analytics,  e-commerce were unheard of but with technology rapidly changing the way humans live these terms have become a part of daily life.
PLDT DigiCon Shows Glimpse Of The "Future"
City services of the future

People are becoming more and more digitally inclined nowadays. Technology is constantly providing new ways to go about with tasks associated with daily life.
A peek at technokogically advanced home entertainment
A peek at technokogically advanced home entertainment

Technology transformed the way we socialize,  the way we look for food,  the way we pay our bills and even the way we educate the young.
Home security technologies
Home security technologies

Humans are attached to their mobile phones. It has now become a necessity.

Banking on the fact that technology is vital for 21st century humans, telecommunications and digital services provider PLDT and its digital business solutions arm ePLDT opened a two-day digital conference that underscores technology's role in our digitally transforming world.

Revolving around the theme "Redefining Experience," the convention that began on June 14 and will culminate on Juns 15 features the "next step" of technology according to Nico Alcoseba, head of PLDT Group's Disruptive Businesses.

"This conference is featuring the next step in technology in everyday experience." Alcoseba told GIZGUIDE.

A major part of the two-day DigiCon is PLDT's six-station expo that showcases upcoming technologies that can be adopted by certain industries.

The booths include City Services of the Future,  Academe of the Future, Bank of the Future,  Workplace of the Future, Homes of the Future, Businesses of the Future.

Each station shows both existing and soon-to-be-offered digital services offered by PLDT.

Along with the said expo there is also a series of sessions that will cover discussions on internet of things,  artificial intelligence and cyber security.

The digital convention happening at Marriot Grand Ballroom, New Port City will bring over 1000 delegates composed of C-Level Executives,  Business Owners and Key Decision Makers from the top enterprises in the country.

Experts from International Data Center (IDC) , Cisco,  IBM Research and Akamai Technologies to name a few will be facilitating the sessions.

The expo will also feature upcoming technological innovations from PLDT, ePLDT, Smart, Cisco, Huawei, and Samsung.

Philippine Digital Convention is an annually organized event now on its third run. It is focused on evangelizing strategic technology development and digital trends in business, this year's DigiCon is sought to enlighten enterprises with relevant industry.
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