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BenQ Announce ZOWIE CELERITAS II And G-SR SE In The Philippines!

If you’re looking into joining the eSports craze lately but you still don’t have the gear to play with the pros, BenQ has just announced the ZOWIE CELERITAS II keyboard that’s set to give you a leg up in the major gaming league!

The ZOWIE CELERITAS II comes with an optimal and more precise pretavel, making the actuation as precise and as accurate as possible. This keyboard also introduces optical switches that will allow players to eliminate double key presses, thus avoiding fatal errors that can either mean life or death in FPS games.

Furthermore, it even comes with high quality iron spring to make each keystroke with a consistent in force all while improving the durability that can meet the eSports standard. While it’s not RGB, it does come with illuminated keys that can also be adjusted or turned off completely to set your mood while playing.
G-SR mousepad
G-SR mousepad

Not only that, but BenQ is also introducing a special printed edition of the G-SR mousepad, the G-SR SE. It comes with a printed design, all while providing the very same exact feeling as the previous G-SR blue that has been missed by its users.

There’s no official pricing at the moment, but BenQ says both products will soon be available at selected retailers soon.

Stay tuned!
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