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10 Facts About The Ding Ding Defi Hero Plus

Ding Ding phones are unique and rather attention grabbing. However their last few phones weren't so attractive, the new Defi Hero Plus aims to change that.
10 Facts About The Ding Ding Defi Hero Plus
Fake "Dual" Cameras

So when we got our hands on one, we immediately had to talk about what we think are the 10 things about the  new Ding Ding Defi Hero Plus you should know about!
A lot of accessories!
A lot of accessories!

1. A lot of accessories inside like tempered glass with cleaning cloth and flip case. Instruction manual is well made with great English translation.

2. Earphones are not sturdy out of the box and broke after 1 week of use. It was expected even during our first impressions.

3. Without a doubt that it Looks like an iPhone. It's a blatant rip off.

4. Dual Sim or Sim + micro SD configuration allows for some flexibility. It would have been better if it had two sim slots and one micro SD card slot.

5. The big 5.7 Inch inch screen is not that common for the price. It is in 1280 x 720 HD resolution.

7. The SC7731 quad core processor and just 1 GB of RAM are outdated for the price. 16 GB of expandable storage is large enough for most.

8. Main camera takes decent pics but could use a wider field of view. Fake dual camera setup. Only one of the cameras work while the other is a prop. Low quality selfie camera.

9. Near stock Android is light and free of bloatware unlike the previous phones. UI, Widgets and Icons are dated with design languages that were from Android froyo.

10. Redundant home button and on - screen keys with no sign of being able to customize like in other phones.

So if you are willing to live with its shortcomings, the Ding Ding Defi Hero Plus could be your next phone for the price of PHP 3,999.
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