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Smart Announces LTE Pocket WiFi With Power Bank

Smart Communications has a new and upgraded pocket WiFi, a 2-in-1 LTE capable device with built-in battery that acts as a regular power bank when needed.
Smart Announces LTE Pocket WiFi With Power Bank
An LTE capable pocket WiFi with power bank

Smart LTE Power WiFi with power bank has 700 MHz LTE support (for better indoor connectivity in some areas) with up to 42 Mbps LTE speed.

It is compatible with 2G / 3G / HSPA / HSPA+ / LTE and supports for up to 5 devices all at the same time.

For the power bank function, it has 5,200 mAh of battery capacity.

Smart LTE Power WiFi with power bank Specs

Display: 4 LED light indicators (Power, WiFI, SMS, LAN)
Battery: 5,200 mAh
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS
Connectivity: 2G / 3G / HSPA / HSPA+ / 700 MHz LTE
Others: Power bank function
Dimensions: 104 x 69.5 x 22.55 mm
Price: Starts at Plan 499

The Smart LTE Power WiFi with power bank is now available at Smart’s Bro postpaid plans. It starts at Plan 499 with one-time PHP 2,049 cashout for a 12-month lock-in period. For prepaid kit, it goes for PHP 2,995.

Source: Smart
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