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Palm Is Seeing New Life In 2018

Remember the mobile brand, Palm? No? Well, I can't say I am surprised because Palm had not released anything in the recent years. However, TCL is saying that they are resurrecting the brand!
Palm is coming back in 2018
Palm is coming back in 2018

TCL had made it's intentions to revive the Palm brand since 2015. TCL has a great reputation in reviving old brands as they have helped the resurgence of other older brands such as Alcatel and Blackberry. 

TCL's marketing manager Stefan Streit has specifically said that they are indeed going to release a Palm line of products in 2018. However, he did not specify what kind of products they are going to release but he said that mobile phones is a big possibility.

TCL revealed that Palm will be geared towards the older crowd. This is what they did with Blackberry and Alcatel which are geared towards the business crowd and the millenieals respectively.

One of the first smartphone I held (but not owned) is a Palm so this really is a nostalgic news for me. 

What do you guys think? We are excited ourselves! Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: GSMarena
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