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PayPal Makes Freelancing In The Philippines Easier!

Global digital payment leader PayPal launches new Business App and Freelancer Community Program to improve the quality of life of Philippine Freelancers.
PayPal Makes Freelancing In The Philippines Easier!
PayPal executives with freelancer mentors

In August 24, 2017 at the Peninsula Manila, PayPal the global leader in digital payments solutions launched a new PayPal Business App and the PayPal Freelancer Community Program to enable Philippine merchants and freelancers to advance faster into the increasingly mobile world digital economy.
With mentor Abe of Yugatech!
With mentor Abe of Yugatech

There is a large portion of freelancers in the Philippines with the local Department of Information and Communication Technology estimating the number of freelancers to be around 1.5 million. The Philippines has become a hotbed of freelance work because of the huge talent pool, tech savvy demographic and budding business community.

By leveraging the ASEAN set three-point framework, PayPal's new offerings to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) scale up their businesses and services through increasing their access to the 3Ms: Money, Markets and Mentorship. This effectively allows Philippine freelancers and merchants access a wide network of active users from more than 200 markets worldwide. The new business app and the freelancer program is PayPal's way of helping them achieve their goals for Money and Mentoring, respectively.

PayPal has always been supportive of freelancers and MSMEs in Southeast Asia, ensuring that our customers get the best tools to move and manage their money seamlessly as they take charge of their cross-border businesses. The launch of the PayPal Business App is testament to that, said Rahul Shinghal, General Manager, PayPal Southeast Asia. As the ASEAN integration spotlights entrepreneurs, we are doing our own part in empowering the community by providing new services and programs that could accelerate their opportunities in line with ASEAN’s Money, Markets and Mentorship framework.

Interested users can simply download the app in the Android and Apple stores and sign up through their existing PayPal Business accounts.

Freelancers and MSMEs who are conducting their businesses on the go can also choose to use PayPal.Me for Business to get paid online. PayPal.Me for Business is a personalized unique link that sellers and freelancers can send to their customers. The link is instant and can be sent from any device on any platforms including text message, e-mail, instant messenger and social media platforms.

From selling and upgrading skills, to managing clients and money, the PayPal Freelancer Community Program themed “Take Control of Your Freelance Money” is proactively educating Filipino freelancers to help them grow their business.

PayPal has tapped the country’s top freelance experts to educate and mentor budding freelancers and solopreneurs to expand their reach, better manage their finances and build strong client relationships. Technology whiz and blogger Abe Olandres, personal branding guru Liz Lanuza, serial entrepreneur Ginger Arboleda, and finance expert Fitz Villafuerte will lead the campaign. Through the program, PayPal will roll out a series of activities freelancers can be a part of:

We are establishing our first-ever Freelancer Community Program in the Philippines because it is one of the world’s most dynamic markets for freelancers and solopreneurs,” said Leanne Sheraton, Vice President of Marketing for PayPal Asia Pacific. “PayPal has been enabling Filipino freelancers to get paid easily, and provide them with more convenient options to access their funds. We know from our research and insights that freelancers also want opportunities to upskill and be connected, which is why PayPal is expanding beyond offering payment solutions to provide community engagement and business amplification opportunities for our freelancer customers. The Freelancer Community Program will connect established freelancers with their peers to provide mentorship and the guidance they need to navigate in this environment.

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