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Camera Features That Samsung Could Add On The Galaxy J7 Pro

Samsung marketed the Galaxy J7 Pro as the affordable midranger that can capture the night. As a matter of fact, most of the shots we took using this device for our review are impressive for a smartphone.
Camera Features That Samsung Could Add On The Galaxy J7 Pro
The 13 MP f/1.7 lowlight shooter of Galaxy J7 Pro

Samsung equipped it with a wide 13 MP f/1.7 lens and dedicated night mode for effortless night photography. But for us, its not the max potential of its camera.

We believe that Samsung could still make this phone a better shooter in the dark if they'll update its camera software and add more features in it.

Here are the list of camera features that Samsung could add to make the Galaxy J7 Pro a much better night photography camera smartphone.

1. A complete pro mode - This phone has a pro mode, but it is incomplete. We mentioned in our review that it would have been nicer if Samsung could add shutter speed, lower ISO, and EV adjustments. Something with ISO 50 to 3200, 1/4000 to 32 seconds, and -4 EV please?

2. Auto long exposure mode - This feature is commonly found on Huawei devices. It will enables users with zero background on long exposure photography to create stunning night shots with less noise and proper exposure with the help of a tripod.

3. Light painting mode - It can be used for auto light trails, light painting, and even capture lighting when on tripod.

If Samsung could improve their software and add the above mentioned features, the Galaxy J7 Pro could even increase its lead as the top lowlight photography phone for price today.

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