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SnippetMedia Launches A New X Factor In Blogging

The last five years has seen a growth in blogger's influence and impact in terms of news and brand marketing. SnippetMedia sees this and looks to add an X factor in blogging.
SnippetMedia Launches A New X Factor In Blogging
Snippet X

Enter SnippetX. Snippet is SnippetMedia's latest offering for bloggers and content creators. It will serve as a hub for bloggers to share their content more easily in the form of a mobile app. This app is designed with the bloggers and content creators in mind in order to distribute news about topics that readers are most interested in.

They aim to accommodate local and international content creators in order to cover all demographic available from food, travelling, technology and even celebrity buzz. They made news aggregation simpler and faster.

Founder and chairman of SnippetMedia, Kitson Kho expounded on this by saying:

Whether it’s about travel, fashion, food or technology, Filipinos will now have access to a multitude of stories written by Pinoy bloggers all in one click,

Readers can access content from their favorite bloggers or content creator easily through the SnippetX app. The great thing about this app is that it will show readers what they want to see and focus on allowing content creators to maximize on reader engagement. 

Kho also added that:

SnippetMEdia makes reading and discovering online content easier by saving the users the time and effort in finding what they want to read among a multitude of sources. And now with SnippetX, SnippetMEdia brings a whole new dimension to news aggregation by providing unique access to stories written by Filipino online content creators on topics users are most interested in. 

Will this be the newest breakthrough in blogging? What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.
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