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Sony Launches PlayStation 4 With NBA 2K18 Bundle In PH

Sony has just launched the PlayStation 4 NBA 2K18 Bundle Pack in the Philippines. The bundle includes: the PlayStation 4 itself, much anticipated NBA 2K18 Blu-ray disk, DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, and PS4 one-year extended warranty.
Sony Launches PlayStation 4 With NBA 2K18 Bundle In PH
Sony PlayStation 4 NBA 2K18 bundle

In case you missed it, NBA 2K18 is the latest installment from the 2K series that's loved by nearly all basketball fans in the world even by NBA players themselves. It features NBA Superstar Kyrie Irving on the cover, updated NBA teams and players you love, realistic gameplay, and new features.

One of those most exciting features of NBA 2K18 is "The Neighborhood" for MyPlayers, a storyline mode where players can interact and accomplish their quest NBA stardom.

According to Take Two Interactive Software, the game publisher of 2K,

Experiences and ratings revolve around how a player reacts to situations - from playing on playground courts down to who they interact with along their journey like say, Kyrie Irving at the barbershop. This gives NBA2K gamers a different user experience where their in-game character will be shaped.

The NBA 2K18 will also be available as a standalone  at PlayStation Authorized Dealers and console game retailers nationwide.

The PlayStation 4 w/ NBA 2K18 is priced at PHP 24,495 at DataBlitz. Package will also include an HDMI cable, mono headset, USB cable, and PlayStation Plus membership voucher card (3 months) on top of the above mentioned bundle.
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