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Starmobile Now Has International Quality Control Certifications

Starmobile just announced that their devices will now undergo the guidelines of reputable quality control certification bodies like CE, FCC, and RoHS.
Starmobile Now Has International Quality Control Certifications
Quality and durability first?

Starmobile just reaffirmed the brand's commitment to quality and durability by adhering internationally accepted quality control standards. The brand now boasts full compliance under the guidelines of CE (European Conformity), FCC (Federal Communications Commission-USA) and with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive of the European Union.

Creating a company is easy, but building a brand is difficult, according to Starmobile COO Michael Chen.

Star Standards

Having passed those standards suggests that Starmobile devices now has better quality and durability that ever. 

It is the result of the company's "Star Standards" initiative, where the company deliberately selected only parts, partners, factories, and practices that have been certified to meet the most stringent standards in the industry.

In particular, the Star Standards has a 35-point quality control check that ensures that individual parts such as the USB port, touchscreen, speakers, and batteries, among others, are functioning well. 

Having fully-certified and compliant parts make for a fully-certified and compliant phone,said Chen. Under Star Standards, the company has been able to meet its target of having the lowest product return and defect rate among local smartphone brands today.

As a result, the company claims that we can be guaranteed that Starmobile products are all safe as well.

This assures the public that Starmobile devices are safe to operate and can stand toe-to-toe with products from international brands in terms of performance and durability, added Chen.

The Star Standards also ensures that the Android operating system they are using on their smartphones has been duly licensed by Google. Just note that this certification is only granted to manufacturers that are able to satisfy the steep requirements of the internet giant.

Not all local brands are created equal. This is why our lineup of devices remain to be a cut above the rest, said Chen. We will continue to improve on this practice as we see it as key to our long-term business strategy, he ended.

It means that their software is w/ Google’s requirements to ensure smooth and seamless operation with its ecosystem of services.

Pretty interesting, good job!
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