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Meet QCY Q29 Pro, The Mini True Wireless In-Ear Monitors For Less Than PHP 2K!

QCY Q29 Pro went on sale in Lazada recently so we wanted to see how it performs against the competition. Here is our first look at the true wireless in-ear monitors!
Meet QCY QC9, The Mini True Wireless In-Ear Monitors For Less Than PHP 2K!
Meet QCY Q29 Pro

Priced at a Whopping PHP 1,999, but is on sale at Lazada for PHP 1,429. It is is poised as the more affordable alternative to the premium priced Samsung Gear IconX who has a similar form factor and carrying case that doubles as its charging cradle.

Meet QCY Q29 Pro

Unboxed with goodies!
Unboxed with goodies!

In the box are charging cradle, two earpieces, three pairs of ear tips, documentation and a short USB to micro USB cable. Each of the pieces feel solid and well made. My only gripe is the cover of the cradle is translucent and rather thin for my liking. It does feel solid but only time will tell if will endure for a long time.
Connectors on both sides

The carrying case is small grey box, about the size of two lipsticks, with a flippable top cover and a micro-USB port at the back. The only text on the case is the QCY logo. The charging LED is right beside the USB port and displays the charging status of the case.

Inside, there is a soft touch plastic surrounding the earphones. There are also printed L and R symbols to show which earphone is for the left or right ear.

The earphones themselves look like small rounded pebbles. They look a bit chubby but they do not stick out from the ear. The neutral grey color doesn’t stand out too much. They are very light less, according to them 6 grams and this pretty much true.

The materials are very plastic, with a glossy plastic on the outer half and matte grey plastic inner half.

The rest of the features

The earphones are minimal in terms of controls. There is only one big button on the earphone that controls everything. It is used to turn on, pair, play / pause, skip track, and accept/reject calls.

The pairing controls seem complicated at first but becomes easier over with use. The earphones can get decently loud.

Sound quality seems to be middle of the road. It doesn’t favor treble or bass. This needs further testing. The sound isolation is decent but not enough to isolate the listener from the world. 

There is no control for volume, only play/pause, skip and answer phones.

Range seems to be strong up to 5 meters and weakens at further distances. This needs further testing.

We tried wearing them while at the gym and unlike the Samsung Gear IconX, these earphones fall off a lot. This is understandable as they didn't advertise this as an active focused gadget.

QCY Q29 Pro Mini In-Ear Wireless Earphones Specs

Drivers: Dynamic (Stereo)
Wearing Type: In-ear
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1
Transmission Distance: 10 meter with No barrier
Support Protocol: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP
Battery Capacity: 45 mAh
Function: Answer/end, music play/pause, noise isolating
Price: PHP 1,999 (PHP 1,429 sale price)

For the price, we wished there was better control for volume, and slightly better audio quality but at the sale price at PHP 1,429, there are not a lot of alternatives to this. If you are looking for a true wireless in ear monitors for cheap, then these QCY Q29 Pro maybe is for you!
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