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Microsoft Announces Kaizala, A Hub For Large Group Mobile Communications And Collaborations


Managing staff for any business is a very tedious task due to a lack of an efficient system to use. Microsoft claims to have developed an answer to this problem with Kailzala.
Microsoft Launches Kaizala to help organizations and businesses manage their employees
Microsoft Launches Kaizala to help organizations and businesses manage their employees

Most of the current systems are slow and are a burden to use. Employees are confined to needing a PC to use these systems and not every one has an access of a PC all the time. Those who has PCs still have the difficulty of having to be logged in to the system at all times to be able to respond.

Manage your business in your mobile phone via Microsoft Kaizala
Manage your business in your mobile phone via Microsoft Kaizala

Having this in mind, Microsoft developed Kaizala to help manage a large group of people especially in coordinating jobs and tasks. Kaizala is a mobile app and service that can help manage communication and coordination in large, distributed group of people. Now, employees, customers, suppliers or whoever inside your company or organization has a hub for all communication.

This is a great tool for most of the businesses especially here in the Philippines. Nowadays, this front-line employees such as cashiers, bank teller, promodisers  and sales clerks rely on pen and paper or their personal smartphones for work-related tasks. Work computers are scarce in this fields to say the least.

The lack of system to relay task-related concerns is a very important issue to tackle. There are some apps that offer temporary solutions that works fairly well however security and control is severely lacking. Making a customized app can get pricey as well. 

Microsoft Kailzala offers an easier way to communicate wuth a large group of people. Management teams can easily gather information from a large number of their employees via a simple chat interface. Disseminating information like announcements, photos, videos, and documents is easier as well with Kaizala. You can even create polls and surveys and see real time results easily.

Microsoft Philippines Managing Director Bertrand Launay stated this about the Kaizala:

Most businesses work with several partners, distributors, and stakeholders who are not on the company’s email address list, so communication can be slow and unsecure. With MicrosoftKaizala, they can better connect and coordinate with the entire team. As internet usage increases, we believe it will be easier for organizations to communicate with all their stakeholders, wherever they are in the Philippines.

This makes communication from everyone in an organization easy and more efficient. Assigning workloads, watching over the work flow and managing real time statistics can all be done in one mobile app. This simplifies the ever so complicated large group communications. You can even get more functionality out of the enterprise version called the Kailzala Pro.

Corporate Vice President - Office Product Rajiv Kumar stated this about Kaizala's advantages:

Using Microsoft Kaizala, organizations can connect with their employees and the extended value chain. The product offers a simple and familiar chat interface and goes beyond to make everyone more productive using Surveys, Polls, Jobs, Meetings and other actions, right in your chats. As we launch Microsoft Kaizala in the Philippines, we hope to help connect the unconnected parts of organizations – whether they are in large and small enterprises or in the Government. Microsoft Kaizala’s vision is to empower every organization and community to achieve more through purposeful chat.

Microsoft Kaizala is now available for download for IOS and Android. 
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