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Vivo V7+: The Beauty Of Its All-Screen Display

Vivo really delivered a really impressive device with the V7+. Overall it is a very capable device with great performance, audio and camera. However, what we want to highlight here is the gorgeous all-screen display.
Vivo V7+ has an All-Screen Display at 18:9 aspect ratio
Vivo V7+ has an All-Screen Display at 18:9 aspect ratio

But it's not an innovative feature, you say? In this price range, it is only one of the 2 phones to have such a display in this price range. The other one is the LG Q6 so needless to say it is withing an impressive select group.
NBA 2K17 on FullView mode!
NBA 2K17 on FullView mode!

The 5.99 inch HD+ display with an 18:9 aspect ratio is truly amazing. It makes gaming and multimedia consumption an immersive experience. The way the bezels (Or lack there of!) and the display merge is, for lack of a better word, very clean.

Yes the 720p resolution is kind of disappointing in paper but in person you will hardly notice it. The display is crisp with great vibrant colors. It can also get really bright as well which is a big "plus" (See what I did there? Puns.).

You might be saying that they should have gone to FHD+ with 1080p resolution but hear this out first. The 720p display is really beautiful in person. There was even a time that we forgot that it is in 720p. It is hardly noticeable unless you really nitpick.

In addition to that, gaming performance really benefit from this. We all know how graphics in games work. The lower the resolution the better the performance. I even game in my PC at 720p for some of the latest AAA games just to achieve that 60 fps haven. The difference in graphics from 720p to 1080p is negligible. You can play on High Settings on a 720p display and call it a day. This just proves that higher number does not always translates to better performance.

Once the Huawei Nova 2i officially launches in the Philippines, then we have the big three of beautiful display in this price range. We really believe that the Nova 2i, LG Q6 and the Vivo V7+ is paving the way for an 18:9 display in a more affordable device. 
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