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SDigital Bass Cruzer Wireless Speaker Review - Affordable Personal Public Announcement System!

Portable speakers that balances portability, power and quality in one package is rare. SDigital is trying to change that with the Bass Cruzer wireless speaker.
SDigital Bass Cruzer!
SDigital Bass Cruzer!

The Bass Cruzer is marketed as a powerful Wireless Speaker with microphone that supports USB Playback, Bluetooth, AUX input with FM Radio for only Php 7,999!

Let's see if it all lives up to it.

SDigital Bass Cruzer Specs

Drivers: 2800W P.M.P.O. 8-inch speaker + 3 inch high pitch speaker
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
FM Radio: PLL with auto scanning
Battery: Built-in Sealed Lead ACID rechargeable battery (12V/5Ah) (Car battery)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, 3.5 mm, USB input, microSD card slot, FM Radio
Others: 1 Wireless Microphone, 2 microphone jacks, LED Display, USB Playback
AC Adaptor: 100 to 240V, 15V - 2A with external switching power supply
Dimensions: 35 x 15 x 21
Price: PHP 7,999

Disclaimer: This SDigital Bass Cruzer was seeded by the local distributor.

Unboxing / Accessories

nside the box are the power plug, microphone documentation and the speaker itself
Inside the box are the power plug, microphone documentation and the speaker itself

The Bass Cruzer arrived in a large cardboard box with branding and product information on the exterior. Inside are the packaging foam to protect the product with the speakers, the power plug, the documentation, and the microphone.

Build Quality / Design

Clean rugged design!
Clean rugged design!

The body of the speaker is mostly constructed with high durability plastic that has this solid heft to it but maintains a relatively low weight. This speaker was clearly made for outdoor use.
Fully extended handle!

The metal retractable handle is easy to pull out and is secure when it is fully extended or retracted. It is solid and for its price it better be.

Solid heft but light weight!

At the bottom are two feet and two wheels that allow for easy strolling and transportation of the Bass Cruzer.

On top are the control buttons, volume dial, extendable handle and indicator lights. The LED lights surrounding the buttons illuminate the buttons for easy identification and it makes the speaker standout in dark environments. 

The indicator lights tell whether there is power, battery level, connectivity and modes. 

It has ports for in-Line, DC power-in, USB for MP3 and USB for charging other devices, and two wired mic jacks.
Microphone with battery inside!
Microphone with battery inside!

The microphone is made of the similar design language and materials as the speakers but instead of a textured finish it is smooth. Even though it was smooth, it never felt like the mic would slip at any time. The battery cover is removed by rotating it counter-clockwise like a screw. The cover is solid and it didn't bend or was flimsy whenever we unwound or wound it back unto the mic. 


Ports close-up!
Ports close-up!

Because the buttons and the ports are labelled it was easy for us to learn and use the speakers different modes with out difficulty straight out of the box.
Extendable handle, indicator lights, control buttons, volume dial and LED lights
Extendable handle, indicator lights, control buttons, volume dial and LED lights

It is packed with features like a large battery that can charging other devices, play audio files from USB storage devices, it can support two more wired microphones, It can also connect via Bluetooth or line-in jack.

There are dedicated buttons for repeat, playback speed, echo control, EQ, bluetooth and lights. The volume dial is smooth and responsive with enough resistance for precise volume control.

Connecting it to Bluetooth is quick and easy. All you need to do is push the source button until it says BT on the red indicator light and push BT pair. You then select Bass Cruzer on your smart device. It pairs automatically after initial setup once the Source is set to BT. Spotify with Extreme quality over bluetooth.

If you still like it old school and sure, there's a line-in AUX port. Sound quality is better via wired connection as there is less noise.

In addition, you can just plug your USB storage device w/ audio files behind and it will automatically play your favorite MP3 and even some 16-bit FLAC lossless audio files. (Given that your storage device has high speed read/write speeds)

The other USB port is used to charge devices of up to 1 ampere. It isn't fast charging but it can charge a phone to full over night.

Battery Life

In terms of battery performance, the Bass Cruzer can last up to 5 hours when at half volume. At max it lasts up to 3 hours. Charging time takes several hours. We usually charge it overnight. When we wake up it's ready to go. 

Otherwise, we would use this speaker plugged into a socket most of the time. Considering how big the speaker is, we can find room where to store the power plug and the microphone.

Sound Quality

Full frontal speaker!
Full frontal speaker

SDigital hit it with the Bass Cruzer, the sound quality is amazing for the price of PHP 7,999! The build quality and sound quality combined should price this product higher!

Great audio quality for the price!

Sound signature is  meaty and powerful but warm, with emphasis on mids and lows. The highs are there but its one notch lower than the two. The effect is the bass mimics a subwoofer which results in crawling sound.

Details are there and are empahsized by the meaty and powerful volume. Even at maximum volume there is no distortion. In fact the sound stage remains intact.

This is too good to be true for the price. In effect this can double as a portable powerful speaker and a megaphone.

Pros - Lightweight but solid build, smooth stroller wheels, sound quality is great, charges other devices, plays FLAC files, cool microphone, great price
Cons - No fast charging


For its price, the sound quality, the build quality and the number of features outweigh the size and slow charging capability of this speaker. We highly recommend it for people looking for a powerful speaker/megaphone solution that can compromise with the size and lack of fast charging.

Build / Design - 4.5
Features - 4.5
Battery Life - 3.75
Sound - 4.5
Average - 4.31 / 5
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