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Rumors: Vivo to launch a smaller version of the V7+!

Vivo's V7+ is the first handset by the company w/ 18:9 screen in the Philippines. Today, we got an info that the Vivo will launch a smaller variant soon!
Rumors: Vivo to launch a smaller version of the V7 Plus!
Vivo V7

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Dubbed as the Vivo V7, its the lower-end selfie-centric version of the Vivo V7+ that's packed w/ an18:9 FullView screen as well. But, let's expect the screen size to be smaller. From 6-inch HD+ to 5.7-inch HD+ or even 5.5-inch.
Vivo V7

Inside, the specs is lower-end as well. We could see less storage around 32GB. Fortunately, we are hearing rumors that it will have the same 4GB RAM, 16MP main camera, and 24MP front facing camera w/ softlight flash.

Unfortunately, that's all we know for now. We still don't know its exact processor specs and other details. Let's all stay tuned for the rest of the missing details.

Hopefully, it will have a much lower price tag as well. (It should)

What do you think guys?

Will this be the next affordable selfie phone to get?
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