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Huawei P11 could also feature Apple's "Notch"

Following the weird choices of the Essential PH-1 and Apple iPhone X, Huawei's upcoming flagship P-series phone or the P11 might also have the "Notch".
Huawei P11 could also feature Apple's "Notch"
P11's possible "Notch"

According to XDA Developers, the Chinese telco giant could introduce "Notch" which contains the selfie camera and other sensors that can be used to do Face Unlock and iPhone X-like Animoji effect. It could also make Huawei come up w/ designs that has slimmer bezels.

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This rumor comes from a reference in a leaked
 configuration file that defines the "RoundCornerDisplay".

There are also multiple files that was associated w/ this definition. Earlier reports stated that, another alleged P11 leaked file has the word "notch" in its name “ro.config.hw_notch_size” with the value set to "258,84,411,27" which could represent left, top, right and bottom offsets in moving screen content.

If that's the case, the Huawei P11 might introduce a new  2240 x 1080 resolution instead of the current 2160 x 1080 panel.

Huawei could also use the 6.01-inch Samsung EA8074 CMD TFT 2160×1080 LCD screen.

Device code-name is "Emily".

The Huawei P11 could also come w/ a 40MP triple Leica camera setup behind and a 24MP front facing shooter for selfies.

Sources: GSMArena, XDA
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