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OnePlus 5T PH models gets OTA update to optimize Cameras, Stability, Security, and more!

Affordable flagship killer OnePlus 5T was just made available worldwide and the Philippine market recently but is already getting an OTA update. 
OnePlus 5T update
Updating took 5 minutes for us!

Labeled as Oxygen OS 4.7.4 with an update size of 285MB. The latest update addresses two major optimizations.

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The first one is with the OnePlus 5T's camera. This update updates the UI of the camera app to make it easier to identify video mode to portrait mode to photo mode. It also says that it improves image quality over all. We will be adding these changes to our on-going review to see if it really did improve.

The second major change are optimizations in the system like audio from speakers and earphones. It also addresses security that improves the fingerprint, face unlock and GPS. It also addresses known bugs and hiccups.

What do you guys think? OnePlus has been stepping up their game in terms of hardware, features and fast OTA updates that add value for money even though they have the most affordable flagship in the market.
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