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LTFRB will limit Uber and Grab to just 45,000 cars

Based on the report of Philippine Daily Inquirer, LTFRB stated that they will limit TNVS units in Metro Manila and some provinces to just 45,000 cars.
LTFRB will limit Uber and Grab to just 45,000 cars
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Based on the agency's Memorandum Circular No. 2018-003, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has finally come up with a common pool of app-based drivers.

There will be 45,000 cars in Metro Manila and provinces like Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna, and Cavite. For Metro Cebu and Pampanga, only 500 and 200 cars will be allowed respectively.

According to transport regulatory board member Aileen Lizada, LTFRB took a “conservative approach” to the data provided by the TNCs. She said they also took into account the churning rate of drivers, or those who decided to quit driving.

We have stirred away from the exclusivity of the TNVS. If you are granted a franchise, you can seek accreditation in any TNC. Gauging on what they (TNCs) gave us, we arrived at with these numbers, Lizada said.

Currently, there's a n estimate of just 125,000 drivers in Metro Manila. Half of which are registered in both Uber and Grab. It includes both part-time and full-time drivers registered.

This order comes six months after LTFRB ordered TNCs to stop accepting TNVS applications while it sorts out issues concerning the ride-hailing industry.

However, Grab is not too happy about it. The company pointed out that the number the LTFRB arrived at might make it harder for commuters to book a ride.

It does not reflect the demand that is growing. Not everyone goes online everyday. In order to cover demand, there should be a pool of around 75,000 to 85,000, Grab Philippines public affairs head Leo Gonzales said yesterday.

Uber is yet to comment as they are still studying the possible impact of this new order by the LTFRB.

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