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Huawei's new Brand Ambassadors are its real users

Huawei Philippines had a great in 2017. They celebrated their success with the One Huawei Philippines Christmas Party. Gratitude and appreciation is the theme.
Huawei's Brand Ambassadors are its real userspines Facebook Community is the new brand ambassador for Huawei
One Huawei Philippines Facebook Community is the new brand ambassador for Huawei

The party was held at the Ibiza Beach Club on December 1st. There Huawei announced that their official Facebook Community, One Huawei Philippines, will be the brand's new ambassadors. This is to show that Huawei appreciates their loyalty and utmost support throughout the year.

One Huawei Philippines started out by gathering and inviting Huawei fans and users. In tthe group, they share a lot of tips and tricks for new users and experts alike. They also answer FAQs that usually come up in the group. The community was founded by moderators Cocco de Leon and Rye de Jesus which they say is a hub for feedback, experience and an exhibit for awesome photos taken with Huawei devices.

According to the founders their main aim to is to provide a group to provide friendly support and insights about Huawei products. They even converted some curious souls into using Huawei products as well.

To show their appreciation for the outpouring support, Huawei launched a series of events and promotions to show their appreciation all throughout 2017. During the P10 launch, they invited photography fans to the Behind Portrait Photography Workshop wherein professional photographers taught attendees some tips and tricks about photography.

Their is also the Change the Way You See the World promo wherein Huawei offered consumers the chance to fly to great locations in the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia. And recently, during the holiday season, they launch the Huawei Best Wei Christmas Promo that gives fans with freebies and discounts for select Huawei devices.

The move to make the One Huawei Philippines community as new brand ambassadors was a great thing. The community helped expand awareness about Huawei. Huawei promises to continue innovating with their products with their consumers' needs and suggestion in mind. 
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