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Spigen reveals case design for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Spigen just revealed their newly design protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. They look to maintain a durable, sleek and functional design.
Spigen reveals case design for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+
Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Spigen Cases

They revealed for case designs for the upcoming Samsung flagships. They have the thicker and more rugged ones and the sleeker and more subtle ones. Either way, Spigen has delivered impressive protective cases for years and hopefully these does not disappoint.

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First up, this Spigen case looks to have a textured matte finish at the back with rubberized corners for bump protection. There is a good looking camera holes as well that really protects the lenses. There is also a bit of an allowance at the front of the case so that you can place your phone face down without any worries of accidental scratches. It has a matte black color that looks sleek and minimalist.
Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Spigen Cases
Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Spigen Cases

The next one also has a textured matte finish but with some accents that could provide more grip if it is made out of rubber materials. There is a similar camera hole and front allowances for the protection of both camera lens and the display. It also comes in a matte black color.

The third one veers away from the textured finish of the first two. This case looks like it is made out of metal with a matte gun metal color. It looks like it focuses more on protection rather than design. It also sports the same camera hole and screen protection. There is also a stand that could be useful if you want to place your phone on the table while watching movies.

Last, but definitely not the least, the fourth case is the most vibrant of the bunch. It looks to be made out of tough plastic or silicon with a design reminiscent of a starry sky or what the "Galaxy" looks like. It brings in more personality than the first 3 as well.

The case design of Spigen also revealed the render of the upcoming Galaxy S9 series.

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