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LinkedIn reveals top 10 most used buzzwords in the Philippines

LinkedIn just released the 10 most used term by Filipinos in their LinkedIn profile. These buzzwords are used to attract more work opportunities their way.
LinkedIn reveals top 10 most used buzzwords in the Philippines
LinkedIn 2017 Top 10 Buzzwords in the Philippines

Filipino professionals, according LinkedIn's research, are more keen to emphasize their capabilities that can be categorized and demonstrated than personal strengths and characteristics. Words such as experienced, skilled and specialze are more used than passionate, motivated and focused.

Here are LinkedIn's 2017 Top 10 Buzzwords for the Philippines:

  • Experienced
  • Skilled
  • Specialize 
  • Leadership
  • Expert
  • Passionate
  • Responsible
  • Creative 
  • Motivated
  • Focused

Linda Lee, Head of Communications for Southeast Asia and North Asia, LinkedIn, state dthis about the Philippines' growth:

The Philippines is a fast-rising economy with a growing population of young and dynamic talent looking to connect with opportunities. Companies have become more particular about the type of talent they need. As many of them take their search for talent online, the words that we use in our online profiles have never been more important.

Furthermore, she added:

To get the right job or opportunity, the good news is all of us can make the difference. Beyond using words to describe ourselves, we are also encouraging our members to stay engaged with their networks and establish a voice in their community. It’s important to stand out from the crowd by bringing out our authentic selves.

Using buzzwords on your profile is a good starting point but to stand out among thousands of LinkedIn profiles, they provided a few tip.

1. Take Pride in your Online Appearance - Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is complete. Make sure that it sells you in the best way possible. You can state what language you are fluent in, building your profile to show off that you really do specialize on a certain field and list skills that you have acquired throughout your career.

2. Show Character - Having a streamlined LinkedIn profile is one thing but showing your character in it is another. While maintaining a professional tone, assertiveness, and directness is important when looking for a job, a little bit of character can go a long way too.

3. Words can only say so much - Now that you have written a pretty impressive profile, why not showcase some of your past works if possible? Remember that there thousands online with the same skill set and specialization and to stand out you will need to showcase what you have accomplished.

4. Be Active - Building your network will require you to be as proactive as you can be. Follow people and organizations that inspire you and would love to work for. Make new connections by joining groups and participating in discussions. This will show recruiters that you are active and really involved in the industry you are in.

5. Voice Your Opinion - You can publish posts on LinkedIn that will allow you to give your opinions, suggestions and views about issues in your industry. This will show recruiters that you are knowledgeable and well informed.

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