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Panasonic Celebrates 100 Years of Adapting to Changing Times

Panasonic Philippines is one of the most successful and stable brands in the Philippines. They are living up to their "A Better World, A Better Life" slogan.
Panasonic Celebrates 100 Years of Adapting to Changing Times
Panasonic celebrates 100 Years

For the last 100 years, Panasonic continued their success by looking for diversity and innovation in every possible they can. Through this, they enjoy a respected status globally and overcame any adversity they faced in the industry.

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Just like any company, Panasonic had their own humble beginnings that started with the desire to nourish inspiration and innovation. Panasonic made way to make housework easier, keep food fresh and overall made our lives simpler and more enjoyable. Panasonic continuously support their R&D department to find more ways to make everything they manufacture better.

Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (PMPC) bearing the torch from Panasonic Corporation worked their way to be stronger each year. They continue to help improve the Philippine economy by manufacturing great and reliable Japan-quality refrigerators, electric fans, washing machines and air conditioners. They also provided people in Rizal and Laguna with emplyment opportunities as they expanded their operations there.

In line with 100 years of excellence, Panasonic launched new air conditioner models that aims to provide consumers with a complete air solution. First off, the new Panasonic window type air conditioner sports an inverter technology and practical features such as sleep mode, powerful mode and anti-bacterial core filter.

On the other hand, the new Panasonic split-type air conditioner models will combine the most advanced purification system Panasonic has armed with nano technology. The nano tech will help deodorize the air, kills bacteria and viruses and remove dust. 

They also developed the Econavi Technology that detects human presence in the room. It changes according to human movements and adjust cooling power accordingly. This will help conserve energy.
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