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Samsung launches new wall-mountable panoramic Soundbars

Samsung just unveiled the company's newlest line of premium lifestyle soundbar products, the NW700 Sound+ and the Soundbar N650.
Samsung launches new wall-mountable panoramic Soundbars
NW700 Sound+

The NW700 Sound+ is wall-mountable while the N650 boasts the patented "Samsung Acoustic Beam" technology to deliver a panoramic sound experience.

Both has sound-enhancing features like distortion-cancelling, wide-range tweeters and multi-speaker control.

NW700 Sound+

The NW700 Sound+ features a sleek and optomized design for wall-mounting below your Samsung TV. It highlights a 53.5 mm width that is 41 percent narrower than the previous soundbar model.

It also has three channels and includes sound technology to deliver dynamic and targeted sound which aims to deliver an immersive listening experience. It also has a built-in subwoofer.

Samsung also claims that it has powerful bass response, cohesive soundstage, and impressive clarity. It also goes with the multi-speaker control to sync the drivers to produce clear and powerful sound.

It also has the distortion cancelling technology which aims to deliver smooth and distortion-free bass tones.

Soundbar N650

On the other hand, the N650 is an innovative soundbar with Samsung Acoustic Beam technology to provide a virtual surround sound effect. It has dynamic sound rendering for panoramic sound experience.

How? Samsung uses two pipes at the back of the sound bar with one tweeter on each end. The sound flows through the pipe and is distributed to each hole, thereby making each hole act as an individual speaker and creating the overall surrounding effects.

It even has the "Game Mode" which allows gamers to immerse themselves with optimized sound for gaming. It also has Bluetooth technology and One Remote Control support.

Samsung designed this for music lovers and gamers.

Local date of availability and SRP soon!
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