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Schneider Electric commits to 100% Renewable Energy by 2030

The idea of completely renewable energy seemed far fetched a few years back. But now, Scneider Electric commits to producing 100% renewable energy by 2030.
Schneider Electric commits to 100% Renewable Energy by 2030

Schneider Electric is one of the leaders in the digital transformation of energy management and automation. They are now committed to source renewable energy and double its energy production.

They committed to join and collaborate with The Climate Group's two global initiatives which are:

RE100 - The effort to use 100% renewable electricity by the year 2030 with a mid-project goal of 80% by 2020.

EP100 - The project to double energy productivity by 2030 compared to a baseline established on 2005. This will then set an ambitious target of doubling the economic impact of every unit of energy consumed.

Schneider Electric looks to boost energy efficiency across the globe to help battle the looming energy crisis. They wnat to affect homes, cities, industries and remote communities everywhere. Schneider Electric looks to launch their technical solutions to maintain and sustain continuous energy efficiency efforts. These are the EcoStruxure Power and EcoStruxure Grid.

Schneider Electric will start their transition to the 100% renewable energy source using three projects. The first one will on-site projects at Schneider Electric facilities around the world. They look to install solar rooftops at their sites in India and Thailand. They are also looking to implement geothermal energy and solar rooftops in their main office at The Hive in France.

Then they have plans for long-term off-site procurement through a number of Power Purchase Agreements or PPA. A PPA is a long term contract that last for 12-20 years between a renewable energy developer and a dedicated buyer. This will enable developers to have the funds to install new renewable electricity projects while allowing buyers to enjoy fair pricing.

Lastly, they look to get Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC) and green tariffs. EACs verifies that one megawatt hour of renewable electricity was generated  and added to the greed from a green power source. Schneider Electric will utilize this to regulate the renewable electricity.
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