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Google Lens now available on Google Photos in Android

Google Lens is now a feature of Google Photos. It is a visual search engine that can recognize what's in your images such as landmarks as well as business cards.
Google Lens now available on Google Photos in Android
Google Lens is coming to Google Photos on Android

This is Google first ever venture in expanding the use of Lens. Before, Google Lens is only available for Google Pixel users. Fortunately, with the roll out of this feature in Google Photos, it is now made accessible to any Android users. There is also a planned Google Assistant integration in the future. Google also assures iOS users that they will be getting Lens as well but no time frame was given.

Google Lens has mixed reviews overall. Users experienced both frustrating and fascinating experience while using it. The main knock towards it is its inconsistency but when it works, it is said to be amazing. The ability to get you more information about the art you are taking a photo of, a landmark or product is something that you won't know you need until you experience it.

Google Lens can also scan business cards and store the person's information in your phone's contact list is a useful feature especially if you happen to go to events a lot and meet people who give you their business cards.

We are sure that the Lens' features will catch on. It is a convenient alternative to using and typing keywords to gather information about a landmark or product.

Source: TechCrunch
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