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Huawei P20 got a really good score of 102 points at DxOMark!

Huawei's new P20 Pro with triple Leica camera setup just shattered DxOMark's record with a score of 109 points!
Huawei P20 got a really good score of 102 points at DxOMark!

But aside from the P20 Pro, the regular Huawei P20 with dual Leica camera setup is also a monster-grade camera phone according to DxOMark.
The scores
The scores

At DxOMark's camera lab, the Huawei P20 with 20MP f/1.6 monochrome and 12MP f/1.8 RGB with 1/2.3-inch size got a total score of 102 points! It has a score of 107 points for photos and 94 points for videos.

In comparison, its total score of 102 points is higher than all the other smartphone cameras excluding its P20 Pro brother. It has 3 points higher than the 99 points of the Galaxy S9+, 4 points higher than Google Pixel 2, and 5 points higher than Mate 10 Pro, iPhone X, and Mi MIX 2S.

According DxOMark,

The P20 may lack its sister model P20 Pro’s spectacular triple-camera setup, but Huawei has taken the tried and tested dual-camera of the P10 and previous models and refined it to a degree that puts it ahead of the competition (apart from the P20 Pro) by a nice margin. The P20 boasts a camera without any real weaknesses. It captures images with good detail and low noise levels in all light conditions and comes with a fast and reliable autofocus system. The bokeh mode produces natural results and the zoom is the best we have seen on any device without a dedicated tele-lens.

The story is very similar for video mode, where the P20 can particularly shine with its smooth stabilization and responsive and reliable autofocus. The Huawei P20 really does it all and is an easy recommendation to any mobile photographer who expects top-end performance in a wide variety of shooting situations and scenarios.

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Source: DxOMark
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