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QBO Innovation Hub launches QBO App

QBO Innovations Hub launches the QBO app. This wills serve as a new and convenient way for the QBO community to connect with each other and access QBO services.
QBO Innovation Hub launches QBO App
QBO Innovation Hub launches QBO App

QBO Innovations hub is the Philippines' first public-private sector platform for startup companies. It is supported by the DOST, DTI, J.P. Morgan and IdeaSpace Foundation Inc.. IdeaSpace Foundation Inc. serves as a stepping stone for startups established by the First Pacific, PLDT and Metro Pacific Group of companies.

The QBO app will serve as a virtual hub for startup companies and businesses so that they will be able to connect to a wider range of entrepreneurs, investors, partners, and other potential resource contacts.  Users can also go into discussions about the startup market so that they can stay up-to-date with current news and trends as well as QBO events and services. Users can also expand their connections and find potential partners outside their regions.

Katrina Chan, QBO Innovation Hub Director, said this about the QBO app:

This is an exciting time for us, and indeed for the local startup community as a whole. With our app, never has it been easier for our entrepreneurs to access the essential services and resources that will help them take their companies to the next level.

The QBO app boasts three major functions. First is the QNNECT feature that provides access to QBO's network and connect with other users. The QLLABORATE feature enables a more active community in terms of startup-related events across the country. Lastly, the QNTRIBUTE feature will serve as an avenue for users to become more active by sharing news, endorsing their products and posting photos, links, and other media related to startup community.
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