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Pacific Rim: Uprising is still showing at the IMAX of SM Cinema

Do you like giant mechs? Do you like action-packed and beautiful movies? Pacific Rim: Uprising is a great movie for you. SM Cinema is even showing it on IMAX.
Watch Pacific Rim:Uprising in SM Cinemas on IMAX
Watch Pacific Rim:Uprising in SM Cinemas on IMAX

Pacific Rim: Uprising will be focusing on the battles between giant robots called Jaegers and the giant sea monsters called Kaiju. The story picks up 10 years after the Battle of the Breach where Jaegers first fought the Kaijus. Main protagonist Jake Pentecost is struggling to find his place as a Jaeger pilot and is looking to fight again.

Jake wants to grow out of his father's shadow and be the leader of a new generation of Jaeger pilots along with his friend and co-pilot Nate Lambert.

With all the special effects and action sequences, Pacific Rim: Uprising is the perfect movie to be watched in IMAX theaters. The IMAX's 1:9:1 expanded aspect ratio and the digital audio is enough to provide an immersive experience.

Pacific Rim: Uprising is already out at your favorite SM Cinema branches since March 31. You can book your tickets now through their new website at www.smcinema.com.

You can also get the SM Cinema app for a chance to win tickets to advance movie screenings.
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