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Six awesome photography features of Cloudfone Next Infinity Quattro

The Cloudfone Next Infinity Quattro is a camera-centric mid-range device that has impressed us in a lot of ways. The quad camera setup is one but there's more.
Six awesome photography features of Cloudfone Next Infinity Quattro
Six Awesome Camera Features of the Next Infinity Quattro

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The Cloudfone Next Infinity Quattro has a quad camera setup consisting of a 13MP + 8MP combo at the back and a 20MP + 8MP combo up front. It has four cameras, hence the name "Quattro". Aside from that, there is more to it in terms of features.

Six Awesome Photography Features of the Cloudfone Next Infinity Quattro

1. Auto-HDR - The auto-HDR feature of the Quattro is really good. It gives you the ability to shoot well-exposed photos in different scenarios and lighting conditions. It makes your photos look more lively and vibrant without making in it look artificial. Colors pop out when needed and the exposure is well managed as well.

2. Face beauty mode - This has been a staple with most camera-centric smartphones. The Quattro allows you to take selfies with highly customizable beautifying settings with the 20MP main selfie sensor. A great bonus is the presence of beauty mode even with the 8MP wide angle sensor.

3. Wide-angle selfie camera - Love taking groufies? Then the Quattro has a 120-degree 8MP wide angle lens that can cover a lot of ground. If you love the Face Beauty mode then you shouldn't worry because it is still present with the wide angle lens. Portrait mode is also available in wide angle mode for that bokeh effect.

4. Portrait mode - Both the back and front cameras has access for the portrait mode. You can use the portrait mode to get DSLR-like bokeh depth of field effect. You can also adjust how much of a bokeh effect you need when using the rear cameras. You can even use it when you are taking a selfie or during wide angle mode.

5. 2x digital lossless zoom - Sometimes you see something that is picture worthy but it is too far away. That won't be a problems since the Quattro has up to 2X digital lossless zoom. You can zoom in to your subject without worrying about quality deterioration. The Quattro will retain the details of your subject.

6. Lowlight photography - Some of the best times to take a photo usually happens during low light situations. To start you off, the Quattro has a pretty decent Night Mode that will help you take low light shots. But, if you want to get more technical the Pro Mode has a lot manual settings you can adjust to your liking. You can adjust exposure, shutter speeds and ISO levels which can be useful for low light shots. It can even help you achieve create artistic night shots with light trails.

There you have it. If you are still on the fence about the Cloudfone Next Infinity Quattro's camera capabilities then here are 6 awesome features that may finally sway you into biting in.

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