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Fujifilm announces Instax Square SQ6 and Square Film "Black"

Fujifilm has announced the Square SQ6 square format camera for PHP 7,999 and the Instax square film in solid square "Black" for PHP 600 in the Philippines!
Fujifilm announces Instax Square SQ6 and Square Film "Black"
Blush Gold, pearl white and graphite gray

It may be the best time to get into square format film photography again with Fujifilm's new Square SQ6 square format camera and the new Solid Square Black Square Film!

Fujifilm Corporation President Kenji Sukeno announced the new Square format camera and square format film as the new additions to Instax series of cameras and film. 

The new SQ6 has a variety of functions that can perform in any situation. The first is the automatic exposure adjustment that is triggered when the shutter button is pressed. It detects the ambient conditions and adjusts the exposure for optimum shutter speed and clarity. This works even in a dark room where the subjects can now be shot vividly and clearly.  

It has a special selfie-mode that will adjust the exposure and focus and is aided by a self-shot mirror on the side of the lens. 
Square format Instax film
Square format Instax film

There is also a tripod screw mount at the bottom to allow you to mount it and use a timer which is a must for group shots!

For creativity, it has a "Double Exposure Mode" which allows multiple exposures to overlap on a single film when the shutter button is pressed twice. It also has a 'Macro Mode' that can take super short range photos for up to a minimum distance of 30cm. Another mode  is the 'Landscape Mode' which can be used to take wide landscape shots. Lastly, it includes three flash color filters allow to allow you to change the color of the photo to achieve unique looks.

It is designed in a simple but elegant way with three colors of pear white, blush gold and graphite gray.

In addition to this, Fujifilm has announced the Instax square film "Black" that adds to the Instax Square format film that was announced last year.

The Instax SQUARE SQ6 is priced at PHP 7,999 and the new solid color square film “Black” is priced at PHP 600.

These new additions to the Instax family will be available in June 2018.
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