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Computex 2018: ASUS announces the new ZenBook Pro!

ASUS has been innovating for years and they just announced a new ZenBook with a Touch Screen display as a trackpad for the 2018 ZenBook Pro 14 and 15!

ASUS has three laptop product segments with the Zenbook sitting at the top as the premium option. Within this segment is further divided by positioning. The newly announced ZenBook Pro is positioned as the premium performance laptop that ASUS can produce.

And this year, they are releasing two models: The 14 inch and the 15 inch model.

Both can support up to 5 display simultaneously. The fifth display is the display on the trackpad. The rest are supported to display up to 4K resolution each.
14-inch model with YouTube Playing on the ScreenPad!

15-inch model with GizGuide website on the main display!

Both have 3.5mm headphone jack, microSD card slot and USB Type-

The 15-inch model supports HDMI and two Thunderbolt USB-Type Cs while the 14-inch has one USB Type C with more USB Type A

For the 15 inch model, the 4K 15 inch display can fit in a 14 inch chassis with the NanoEdge display It covers 132% of the sRGB Color gamut  and 100% Adobe RGB. It even has less than 2 Delta E accuracy score which ASUS boasts as one of the most color accurate display ever. It is powered by an 8th-Generation Intel Core i9 Hexacore (6 cores) processor with a GTX 1050Ti. It supports Windows Hello and has a fingerprint sensor. It measures 365 by 251 by 18.9mm and weighs only 1.8kg.

The 14 inch model comes in with FHD display that supports color accuracy, an 8th-Generation Intel Core i7 with a GTX 1050 Max-Q. It supports Windows Hello and has an IR camera. It measures 322 by 225 by 17.9mm and weighs 1.6kg.
Look at those vents!

Both models come with up to 2400MHz 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD that is split into 4 PCIe. They both come in Deep Blue Dive with Rose Gold accents.

Both come with the revolutionary ScreenPad which turns your standard track pad into a fully functional touch display and trackpad in one! It is a FHD IPS panel that supports smart gestures and can serve as an auxiallary display.

ASUS is partnering with developers for support for the new features. Some of the features that can be used right now are simple apps like a calculator or play YouTube on it. It is exciting! If done right, this could surpass Apple's TouchBar.

A closer look at the ScreenPad!

You can turn this feature on or off. You can drag windows from your main display to and from the main display to the ScreenPad with ease. You can effectively multitask and or have two displays in one Laptop!

You can even conn

Pricing and availability has yet to be announced. We will continue to update the article as soon as the missing details are revealed.

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