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Alleged Nikon mirrorless camera images leaked by Taipei Geek!

Nikon's year long celebration for its 100th year anniversary will end in a few weeks with rumors of a hotly anticipated Mirrorless camera that has allegedly leaked!
Slimmer profile!
Nikon has been celebrating their 100th year since late last year with the announcement of special versions of the D5, D500 and the announcement of the well received D850.
The size of the mount in relation to the body is massive!
The size of the mount in relation to the body is massive!

But, the world has clamoured for more and have been thirsty for Nikon's take on a proper mirrorless camera. Which may be on its way with these recent leaks from Taipei Geek!

In the images below, it can be seen that it will have a sleek and modern silhouette but with a new Lens mount. 

It showcases the slimmer profile with slender curves in specific areas. 
The large mount!
The large mount!

The mount is also noticeably massive in relation to the size of the body. The larger mount in relation to the sensor could possibly accomodate faster and wider maximum aperture lenses that was once the criticism of Nikon DSLR's F-mount.

What do you guys think? What else have you noticed? 

Personally, we are excited to finally see Nikon flexing its strengths into the mirrorless market.

Source: Taipei Geek
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