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SJCAM SJ8 Series has landed in PH, available in Lazada!

SJCAM, an action camera brand that directly competes with GoPro and Yi Cam has finally launched the full family of their SJ8 Series in the country.
SJCAM SJ8 Series has landed in PH, available in Lazada!
Meet the SJCam SJ8 Series

The trio includes the SJCAM SJ8 Pro, SJ8 Plus, and SJ8 Air. All of the three action cameras are packed with modern internals and a wide variety of features.

The 'flagship' action camera, SJ8 Pro features 2.33-inch IPS main touchscreen and a 0.96-inch OLED front screen.  It is packed with Sony IMX377 sensor with a resolution of 12MP. It has a 7G (2 Aspheric Lens) lens with a field of view of 170-degrees with f/2.8 aperture. Video recording can be as high as 4k/60fps in MP4 (H264/H265) format.

You can have 12MP photo resolution in both JPEG and RAW photos. It supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wifi bands, Inner Six-Axis Gyro stabilization, EIS, and an impressive 8x digital zoom. 
SJCam SJ8 Pro
SJCam SJ8 Pro

The SJ8 Plus, on the other hand, is packed with a Sony IMX117 sensor with a resolution of 12MP as well. It is powered with a Novatek NT96683 chipset. It sports a 2.33-inch main IPS touchscreen and a tiny 0.96-inch OLED front display. SJ8 Plus also features a 7G (2 Aspheric Lens) lens with a 170-degree field of view on f/2.8 aperture.

You can record a video of up to 4k/30fps as opposed to the 4k/60fps limit of the SJ8 Pro in mp4 (H264/H265). SJ8 Plus also shoots out a 12MP resolution on JPEG and RAW images. It supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands, Inner Three-Axis Gyro stabilization, EIS, and even digital zoom. 
SJCam SJ8 Plus
SJCam SJ8 Plus

Last but not the least, the SJ8 Air. It is packed with a Panasonic MN34112PA sensor and a resolution of 14.24MP. It sports a 2.33-inch IPS touchscreen and runs on the Novatek NT96658 chipset. Since it is the most affordable among the three, as expected, it only has a 7G lens with a 160-degrees field of view and an aperture of f/2.6.

It can record up to 1296p (1728 x 1296) @ 30fps in MP4 (H264) video format. It can shoot up to a 12MP resolution of JPEG photos only. SJ8 Air only supports 2.4Ghz WiFi and has no stabilization or Digital Zoom.
SJCam SJ8 Air
SJCam SJ8 Air

All of the three SJ8 series action cameras have 1,200mAh detachable battery and supports microSD cards of up to 128GB.

Each of the cameras has its own its waterproof case and set of accessories, which are sold separately. 

The SJCam SJ8 series is now available in Lazada Official Store with the following prices:

SJCam SJ8 Pro - PHP 15,999
SJCam SJ8 Plus - PHP 9,989
SJCam SJ8 Air - PHP 4,999

What do you think of this guys? Are you getting one for yourself? Let us know in the comments!
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