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Smart network boosts LTE speeds in Palawan

A strong and reliable connection is an essential for tourist spots such as Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Smart looks to provide that with a boost for better LTE.
You can now enjoy better Smart LTE speeds in Palawan
You can now enjoy better Smart LTE speeds in Palawan

Mobile data is also becoming an essential part of local businesses such as travel agencies and gaming shops in Palawan. When Smart boosted their LTE connectivity in Palawan, tourists and business owners alike felt the improvements of the internet speed.

With a more reliable LTE signal, Smart load retailers thrive as well with more than a 2x increase in sales. As more people enjoy the better connections, they are more inclined in loading up as they can maximize the value of their load credits.

Better LTE connections allow for a more seamless experience in browsing the net, social media usage, YouTube streaming and even playing online mobile games. Smart is rolling out more LTE sites across Palawan. They already tested popular areas such as the Puerto Princesa International Airport, and Honda Bay that showed speeds of 12 to 60Mbps. The improvement is also felt in places such as Coron, El Nido, Roxas, San Vicente, and Taytay in terms of business growth and connection stability.

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