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Meet Baseus Simple Wireless Charger, Lightweight and Unique

Baseus recently released their #gowireless series and one of these is the Simple Wireless Charger. 
Baseus Simple Wireless Charger
Baseus Simple Wireless Charger

The name suggests that this is a "simple" wireless charger, but for us, it is not. It features a DC 5V and 9V input voltage that makes it a universal charger for all Qi-enabled products.

Take a look!

Meet Baseus Simple Wireless Charger

Here's what is inside
Here's what is inside

Out of the box, the package comes with a USB to lightning cable for plugging of the wireless pad, the unit itself, a warranty card, and some paper documents. 

As you can see, the accessory has an eye-catching design. It features a transparent tempered glass surface on top with visible chips and circuits plus readable written details. It also has a green LED light indicator that lights up when charging and lights off on its own once the smartphone is fully charged.
Look at those visible circuits and chips!
Look at those visible circuits and chips!

The Baseus Simple Wireless Charger is made of a lightweight, matte-textured polycarbonate backplate with rubber-like stoppers at the bottom to keep the wireless charger in place.

Eye-candy wireless charger!

We used it with an iPhone X, and overall it took almost 2 hours and 20 minutes to fully charge the smartphone. It gets heated up, which is normal for a wireless charger pad. 

We buy the idea of a bright LED indicator light because we did not have to check from time to time if the smartphone is already fully charged. We wish all the other wireless charging pads will have as bright as the Baseus Simple Wireless Charger's LED light indicator.

Bright LED light indicator!

Overall, the Baseus Simple Wireless Charger is really not 'simple' at all. In fact, we are sure that it would stand out among a crowd of wireless charging pads. Aside from it's nice details and design, it has a nice charging performance.

You can get this wireless charger at Baseus and OMG stores near you for only PHP 1,190!

What do you think guys?
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