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PUBG Mobile Lite version launched for lower end phones

Tencent Games just launched a "Lite" version of PUBG Mobile. It's designed to be played on lower-end smartphones.
PUBG Mobile Lite version launched for lower end phones
PUBG Mobile Lite

Why? The regular PUBG Mobile is a graphic-intensive game and not everyone can play it on max settings on all devices.

That is why Tencent Games developed and launched a Lite version of PUBG so that it can be played on lower-end phones. As of now, PUBG Mobile Lite is only available here in the Philippines for some field testing before releasing in other parts of the world.

PUBG Mobile Lite is only 252MB which is a big reduction from the 1.6GB of the regular game. This will definitely help those who want to play using phones that are limited in processing power as well as storage. It is also going to be playable with devices above Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is a great development in terms of game developers making a lighter version of their games to accommodate a big demographic of people who are using entry-level devices especially with the push for Android Go devices.

What do you guys think?

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