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Meet Baseus Wireless Power Bank 8000mAh, Handy and Digital

The last product under the #gowireless series of Baseus accessories is the Wireless Power bank 8000mAh. 
Meet Baseus Wireless Power Bank 8000mAh, Handy and Digital
Baseus Wireless Power Bank 8000mAh

It features a full screen glass display that shows the remaining percentage of the powerbank. You can use it as a wireless charger for your Qi-enabled smartphone or as a regular powerbank with cable cords for your non-wireless charger capable phones.

Check it out below!

Meet Baseus Wireless Power Bank 8000mAh 

Inside the box
Inside the box

The package inclusions are the unit itself, cable cord for power up of the powerbank, warranty card, and the usual paper documents.

Full screen bracket display and wireless charger in one!

Baseus Wireless Power Bank 8000mAh sports a full screen glass digital display that shows the status and remaining battery power of the unit. It also features smart charging because when we are using it, the power bank turns of itself once the smartphone is fully charged.
Full screen display!
Full screen display!

It is also not made solely for wireless charging enabled smartphones, you can use it to your other devices and even laptops! It has dual USB outputs for charging via cable cords.

This is the first full screen display wireless charger that we have seen. You can easily mistaken it as a smartphone because of its iPhone X-like size and color. We love the idea of the design and its wireless charging feature. It's also nice to note that Baseus still included dual USB ports for our non-wireless gadgets.

Its 8,000mAh battery can charge our device up to three full charges! It can charge my iPhone X for up to 2.5 times.

Big battery!

We recommend it to everyone! You can fancy the full screen display design and get your two devices charge at the same time. 

The Baseus Wireless Powerbank 8000mAh retails for PHP 1,590!

You may get it at any Baseus and OMG stores nationwide. 

Are you getting one? 
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