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Huawei Nova Academy holds FREE vlogging workshop with YouTube star #ThatsBella

Huawei Nova Academy has been conducting series of workshops on how to maximize their latest Nova 3i. 
Vlogging class with YouTuber #ThatsBella at the Huawei Nova Academy

There have been past few legs that were conducted such as makeup & portrait photography, landscape photography, and food photography. We kicked off our September 1st by joining one of the most followed YouTube star and Huawei Nova ambassador, Bella Racelis or most known as "#ThatsBella" on her vlogging workshop. 
@ThatsBella with the vlogging workshop winner
@ThatsBella with the vlogging workshop winner

Bella provided a quick presentation on how to start your vlogging career. She also taught on how to maximize the Huawei Nova 3i's camera features to create a fun vlog. 

The Nova Academy students were given allowances and time to vlog their shopping experience. Bella watched all the videos and picked one best student vlogger! 

When asked why she chose the 17-year-old girl's vlog: I chose her because her vlog was so organized and she was a great storyteller which is so important in vlogging.

#HuaweiNovaAcademyPHxThatsBella participants
#HuaweiNovaAcademyPHxThatsBella participants

Huawei Nova Academy students got some very usable freebies to start their vlogging career.
"#ThatsYrda" with #ThatsBella!
"#ThatsYrda" with #ThatsBella!

If you missed out on the previous Huawei Nova Academy workshops, they still have FREE upcoming sessions! All you have to do is to register and wait for Huawei's confirmation email.
Me, Bella, and Dezza
Me, Bella, and Dezza

Huawei Nova Academy's next workshop is about dancing with the A Team!

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