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Microsoft and HomeSpace 360 launch immersive virtual tours for realtors

The real estate industry is now using virtual reality technology. Realtors can now give an immersive virtual tour of different properties, staging and more.
Microsoft and HomeSpace 360 launch immersive virtual tours for realtors
Homespace 360 uses VR for real estate

HomeSpace 360 offers brokers an all-in-one mobile app for creating high quality 8K 2D and 3D photographic and video VR experiences directly on a smartphone.
Microsoft and HomeSpace 360

They provide a solution for property marketers in terms of capturing, distributing and visualizing properties in 2D and 3D via web, mobile and VR. It also utilizes the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

The HomeSpace 360 kit includes the following:

Mobile VR viewer
battery-free smartphone rotator
lightweight tripod with carrying bag
and an HD fisheye lens for 3D capture

VR as well as AR (Augmented Reality) is making waves in different industries and now, real estates is part of that revolution as well. Gaming, academic research, engineering, design, business, arts and now real estate is taking advantage of the latest tech developments around them.

3D virtual property tours are now picking up steam as more realtors take advantage of it to get a head of the competition. Different firms are now using VR technology for virtual home viewings, staging and other uses. People's interest is peaked when they read that 3D virtual tours are available. It generates buzz and in turn more business.

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