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Apple's iPhone XS series has battery issue?

Apple is obviously one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world, and with its latest devices launched in the marketusers went crazy. 
Apple iPhone Xs Max in Gold
iPhone XS Max in Gold

Well, because of iPhones' usual features, and some gone mad due to "serious problem" of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, said Gordon Kelly of Forbes media company. 

In Kelly's report posted on September 29, he said many of the US-based technology's new iPhones "refuse to charge."

Complaints about this has been bombarding not just Apple Support Communities, but also Reddit, MacRumors forums, Twitter, and even YouTube. 

So how bad is this? 

Kelly said Lewis Hilsenteger, the person behind Unbox Therapy, told him "hundreds" of posts regarding this issue have surfaced, explaining iPhone XS and iPhone SX Max do not charge "if plugged into a wall charger when in standby."

Some of the phones become frozen and have to be reset.

Hilsenteger even tried purchasing eight new iPhones to test them out, to only find out that only two worked perfectly; five "refused to charge until their screens were woken up"; while the remaing one did not charge "under any circumstances" and even "froze for several minutes when the charger was inserted."

Kelly said the best solution for now is for them to use a wireless charger, however he also noted this could "degrade battery health."

Since iPhones are expensive, consumers must expect that replacement of batteries can be costly, too.  

For its part, Kelly said Apple's tech support team was aware of the issue and asked users to have the iPhones replaced. 

Are you an iPhone user? What do you think of this news? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: Forbes, Un box Theraphy
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