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Chargee, the viral ID Holder with built-in power bank and flash drive now available in Shopee!

The De La Salle University student genius' viral ID holder with built-in power bank and flash drive is now available at Shopee starting at PHP 699!
Chargee, the viral ID Holder with built-in power bank and flash drive now available at Shopee!
Chargee Limited technology-forward ID holder!

Viral technology-forward ID holder, now available in Shopee

Chargee was first seen in a viral post on July 2018 since it has brought technology to our simple ID holders. It is the creation of the third year De La Salle University engineering student named David Zinampan.

Chargee used to be an all-in-one ID holder with 1,900mAh built-in powerbank and retractable 128GB storage flashdrive, and can give an iPhone 6 roughly one full charge.

Zinampan previously mentioned that this is a school project coursed through and with the help of his group mates. "Chargee" is a combination of the words "charge" and ID.
What a Chargee unit looks like
What a Chargee unit looks like

Just a few hours ago, Chargee's official Facebook page have posted its availability on Shopee "to make it easier for your COD transactions!" as mentioned. 

Apart from its prototype's 1,900mAh battery capacity, the Chargee units available for sale carry two variants:

1. Chargee with built-in 4,000mAh power bank
2. Chargee with built-in 4,000mAh power bank and 16GB flash drive

According to the tech specs posted, it weighs 80 g per unit, water-resistant and is available in the single color of black.

Price and availability

Chargee inclusions
Chargee inclusions

This was initially available by simply filling up their Google order form and choosing meet-up locations between Jollibee Vito Cruz or De La Salle University. You can also get it shipped.

But what's more convenient than simple taps in Shopee? Chargee is now available in Shopee for only PHP 699 (without flash drive) and PHP 899 (with 16GB flash drive). 

The shipping fee posted is priced at PHP 80. COD transactions are available.

You can access their Shopee store in this link.

Whether you're a student or a working person, Chargee may be your best bet for an all-in-one device.

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