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Globe sends out subscribers' personal data to wrong recipients

Globe Telecom has halted the operation of its "On The List" platform after it sent personal data to wrong recipients, affecting more than 8,000 subscribers.
Globe sends out subscribers' personal data to wrong recipients

The telco in a statement admitted it encountered a mismatch in sending out confirmation receipt, delivering messages to wrong users.

Globe, however, said it already notified the National Privacy Commission (NPC) regarding the incident.

It noted prepaid subscribers were the only affected, reaching 8,851 customers out of 60 million prepaid users.

The On The List registration site was taken down immediately to remove access to potential registrants at the time and we have notified all affected prepaid customers of the issue, Globe Chief Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio said. 

NPC, meanwhile, said the agency was alerted last Sunday, January 27. The privacy watchdog said it already started its own investigation.

The agency also advised affected subscribers to monitor their online and offline accounts, and change their passwords. It also warned them about potential phishing attempts and other cyber threats.

Source: Rappler
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