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Fujifilm and Xyza Bacani launches "We Are Like Air" photobook

International award-winning documentary photographer Xyza Bacani highlights the lives OFWs and their Families in "We Are Like Air" photobook.
Fujifilm and Xyza Bacani launches "We Are Like Air" photobook
Xyza Bacani, an international award-winning photographer 

Fujifilm and Xyza Bacani launches "We Are Like Air" photobook

In "We Are Like Air" Xyza highlights the lives of Filipinos and their families that had to separate to be able to find work abroad. This is a personal project for the Fujifilm Ambassador as Xyza herself  is a former migrant worker and is the a daughter of a migrant worker.
The book
The book

Through the book, Xyza shares the story of her Mother Georgia who sought better opportunities in Hong Kong to provide a better life for her family. Xyza then followed in her mother's footsteps years later. 

Xyza began documenting the life of Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong that eventually found worldwide acclaim for the raw and emotion evoking black-and-white photos.

For years, I had been documenting migration in different cities but I never really focused my lens on my own family. In 2015, Jim Estrin of the New York Times planted the idea of my writing a book during a conversation. I was scared at first, because I’m still a baby in the industry, but I took a leap of faith and applied for grants. The stars aligned and the WMA Commission supported my book proposal. I was inspired to develop the book because even if our stories (as migrant workers) have been told countless times, they often only scratch the surface. This time, with this book, we are telling our own stories, Bacani said.

Bacani has become and is continuing to be an inspiration to fellow Filipino photographers and migrant workers through her work and her new book 'We Are Like Air.' All of the photos found in her debut book were shot with the Fujifilm GFX 50S digital medium format Mirrorless camera, the Fujifilm X100T premium compact mirrorless rangefinder and the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 interchangeable lens digital rangefinder camera.

Price and availability

The book is now available for purchase only through We-Press.com link here and is priced at HKD 380 (around PHP 2.5K) for Hong Kong locals and will cost HKD 480 (around PHP 3.2K) for overseas customer. (this price includes shipping.)

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